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William Gildea – Make Room In the Owners’ Hall of Shame – The Post Baltimore native William Gildea slams Peter Angelo$ and lumps him in with Walter O’malley, Bob Irsay, Bob Short, etc. ONLY 4 DAYS UNTIL KICKOFF Corners, safeties deal with injuries – The Collegian The Collegian has returned and the first football story

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CRIPPLED Yesterday afternoon, as I was preparing for a second update, XP failed (big time) and I have been down ever since, thus no updates on the blog this morning. I am going to try and steal away some time at lunch, but it may have to wait until this evening. ©MMX William F. Yurasko


Fans Back Pitch for Baseball, D.C. Says – The Post A survey by the D.C. Sports and Entertainment Commission says that area fans want a ballpark in D.C. as opposed to Loudon County. This of course, contradicts, the Va. stadium authorities survey. I think the D.C. one is more accurate and not just because I

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