Baseball returns to D.C.The Wash. Times

Top story from The Washington Times says that the Expos are coming here and it will be announced today. Some former Senators are supposed to be a part of the ceremony. I still think any announcement would be tomorrow. It looks like The Wash. Times and The Sun have more stories on D.C. baseball than The Post today too.

More from The Sun: Baseball for D.C. appears imminent

More from The Sun: Baseball, Orioles progress on deal

More from USA Today: Expos set for relocation, finally

Baseball, Angelos Close To DealThe Post

More on the expected announcement from The Post. Peter Angelo$ apparently wants a subsidy to go on forever, while MLB wants it as long as he owns the team.

Baseball Has Eluded Va. Despite Tax Giveaway PlanThe Post

Take away all the financial incentives that either bid put together and putting the Expos in D.C. simply makes the most sense. The fact that D.C. offered a better financial package just seals it. I feel for Bud Collins, who carried the flag for baseball in this area for so long. I really hope he gets to be part of any ownership group.

F. Robinson wants role with D.C. teamThe Post

Another Baltimore great, the “greatest Oriole” in fact, wants in on D.C. action.

MLB will call shots for club in offseasonThe Wash. Times

It could be a while before the team has a front office of its own. We can live with that for a little while, I suppose.

D.C. watchword: Restrained joyThe Wash. Times

Lots of folks with ties to the former Senators are quoted, including Frank Howard.

Few cry foul over idea of D.C. ballThe Sun

Baltimore’s city council could not get a symbolic resolution against D.C. baseball passed. Even Wild Bill Hagy is not getting worked up about it.

Expos-O’s television network consideredThe Sun

More about the proposed cable network to be shared by both franchises.

D.C. would cozy up to smaller stadiumThe Sun

Anacostia ballpark would follow intimate industry trend, seat 41,000

Like every ballpark built since 1992, a D.C. model would be like Camden Yards, only smaller. I do not think 41,000 seats are enough.

DuPuy: driving lawyer, fan, commissioner’s deputyThe Sun

A profile of Bobby DuPuy, who may be hours from becoming one of our newest heroes.

Plans in place to close up shop in Montreal, open up in WashingtonCP via Montreal Gazette

Details about closing up shop in Montreal and setting it up (from scratch) in D.C. They are going to have to throw this thing together, should the team come here, as expected. No matter, we will take a franchise that is held together with kite-string and chewing gum if we have to; the poor folks in Baltimore seem to endure that fairly well.

One Last Goodbye in Montreal for ExposThe Times

Another eulogy for Les Expos. One of the photos on the right makes me wish I had been able to find a Youppi plush when I was up there. He can come too!

Troubled Mets Turn to MinayaThe Times

Looks like GM Omar Minaya is choosing NYC instead of D.C. D’oh!


Joe Paterno press conference transcript: 9/28/04Post-Gazette

Read what Joe had to say. No update on his son-in-law, but it does not sound too good.

Penn State Notebook: Poor play of wideouts Paterno’s top concernPost-Gazette

We could use some help at tight end as well.

Robinson day-to-day after suffering concussion against WisconsinCDT

It does not look like he will play on Saturday or even suit up, he is not on the depth chart. It could be 3 – 4 weeks. He’s such a trooper too.

Penn State offense faces several questions this weekCDT

They probably face more than several.

Robinson fortunate to walk away from jarring hit SaturdayPost-Gazette

More on Mike Robinson, who is not out of the woods yet.

Paterno ponders time for MorelliPatriot-News

The Penn State nation is chomping at the bit for Anthony Morelli to get in their and play QB. I do not have any strong feelings on the matter. Also, Paterno thinks the WRs stink.

Nick Horvath, Jr.No brainerPatriot-News

Keeping Morelli on bench vs. Badgers was only call

A columnist in favor of keepin Morelli on the bench?! The message boards are not going to like this at all.

Lions remain focusedThe Collegian

We have heard this all before, maybe this time it will come true. Play for the breaks boys!


Peter MehlmanHow Winning the World Series Can Mean Losing YourselfThe Times

An excellent essay on how the Red Sox winning it all might be a tragedy of dreams come true for their fans. Too much of the New England character (except for Vermont of course, which is so damn high on itself and convinced of a uniqueness that probably does not actually exist) is based on the Red Sox “exquisite futility” and suddenly “not having the Sox to kick around anymore would be an adjustment.” Also whether you have a stake in the Yankees/Red Sox rivalry, listening to New England gloat about winning one world series in 90 years would get really tiresome.


Brad Stratton passes on word Mel Brooks is planning on a sequel to the 1987 classic, Spaceballs. We can only hope and imagine that it will be Spaceballs II: The Search for More Money. Who will play Barf though?

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Bob FloundersThe clock is tickingPatriot-News

Flounders thinks the Lions still have a shot at a bowl game. I agree, but then again, I did not think that Saturday’s loss was the end of the world either. Also see, THE PENN STATE HOT LIST.

David JonesOnly problem with James? He wore redPatriot-News

Apparently, Dave Jones got fed up with emails from whiny Penn State fans and tells us “the way it is.”

Frank BodaniIt’s time for MorelliYDR

In Penn State circles, calling for true frosh QB Anthony Morelli to get playing time is the “new rock-n-roll.” He should probably be 2nd string until Mike Robinson heals, but he is apparently third on the depth chart.

Defense plays well, not good enough for ShawThe Collegian

MLB Tim Shaw is starting to show some leadership, as well as becoming a solid linebacker.

Status of weekend’s PSU football injuries do not changeThe Collegian

So, why did I even bother posting the article, right?


No timetable for Expos moveMLB.com

Methinks, that this press release is just MLB issuing a customary denial that something is about to happen. I would not get too worried over this, it would appear to be standard operating procedure. Still, with MLB, there is always a danger that they will blow it.

Warner: D.C. pitched a better dealAP via Potomac News

Virginia Gov. Mark Warner concedes defeat, but says it is good for the whole region.

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Expos likely to come to DistrictThe Wash. Times

What appears to be a front page story has the Expos coming here, with an announcement tomorrow or Thursday. I would expect Thursday, if it is to happen, because of the symbolism of being 33 years to the day after the Senators final game and an USA Today article supports my theory. Also, baseball is willing to make the decision with or without a deal with Baltimore.

MLB, Angelos Continue Talks On Financial Deal for OriolesThe Post

Peter Angelo$ continues to hold up the process. He says if the Expos move to Washington before a deal is struck, he will go to court. So, if that is what he would do, what is his incentive to strike a deal? The Sun apparently has found out what his incentive is, to protect the O’s, Camden Yards, and Maryland taxpayers; this is “bigger than Peter Angelo$,” is the implication of the article.

Williams Details Stadium FundingThe Post

Free Tickets Included For Low-Income Kids

More about the ballpark plans.

Marc FisherN.Va. Blew Chance to Get A Baseball TeamThe Post

More about the competition between the two area bids. Also, Fisher thinks the team needs to be named the Senators. Oh and about that, Brad Stratton (thanks!) sent me this email:
The Texas Rangers retain ownership of the name “Washington Senators,” baseball spokesman Carmine Tiso said after consulting with Ethan Orlinsky, a lawyer for Major League Baseball Properties, the sport’s licensing division.

I think if the Expos do come here and new ownership wants the Senators name, they will get it.

Rooting for the Expos Until the Final OutThe Post

There are a few diehards, but the city is largely indifferent. That was my take on it while I was up there. Also, USA Today columnist Hal Bodley eulogizes the Expos and Olympic Stadium.

John EisenbergO’s to NL East? But seriously …The Sun

Eisenberg calls moving to the NL East as ridiculous as moving them to the AFC North. It is mostly an inane column, but there is a good point made:
But more importantly, running off to the NL East would be tantamount to the franchise raising a white flag of surrender and admitting it couldn’t beat the Yankees and Sox.

Baltimore fans would despise that.

Time running out for D.C. to smooth Expos’ moveThe Sun

Gee, why is the plan being held up again, I cannot remember, can you? Great Jack Evans quote at the end too.

SchmuckAngelos won’t stop trying to give Yanks, Red Sox run for their moneyThe Sun

Schmuck finally wrote a column that did not make my blood curdle. Angelo$ will apparently keep trying to beat the Red Sox and Yankees and move on to the “next phase” in doing that in the offesason. That is good news for those of us concerned they might switch leagues. Could it be Angelo$ is finally getting the big picture?

Md. stadiums chief warns team in D.C. could affect state coffersThe Sun

At this point, Baltimore attendance will suffer either way, because of Angelo$ completely disrespecting D.C. area fans at every turn. Perhaps some more marketing, specifically to areas north of Baltimore would offset that loss. Also, moving the O’s AAA team to Harrisburg, which is currently under consideration, would turn the I-83 corridor into solid O’s country.


I have run out of time this morning and will have to update the PSU news over lunch.

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MLB Still Aims for Deal With AngelosThe Post

Expos’ Move to D.C. Tied to Agreement

If the move is tied to an agreement with Peter Angelo$, there really is no incentive for him to bargain, now is there? MLB may have to make a stand here, but I do not expect them to have the fortitude to do so. Also, Baltimore manager Lee Mazilli brought up something that I have been saying privately among friends, but was afraid to publish online; switching leagues. He thinks Baltimore should go to the NL and Expos to the AL. I am not in favor of that because it means divided loyalties between a D.C. team and the Yankees, who remain my favorite team, and my preference for NL baseball (no DH!). Angelo$ is said to prefer remaining in the AL, but it would be one powerful card to have up his sleeve.

More from The Sun: Mazilli’s D.C. idea is to put O’s in NL

City Would Pay for Stadium LandThe Post

Mayor Promises ‘Just Compensation,’ Defends Financing

Hizzoner is explaining how funding and land acquisition will occur should the Expos be coming to the District. He also mentioned his preference for a name other than Senators, since D.C. does not have any representation in the Senate. I think it will wind up being the Grays, which would be fine.

Thom LoverroWill Baltimore icon help run D.C. team?The Wash. Times

Columnist Thom Loverro renews speculation that Baltimore legend Cal Ripken, Jr. could become part of a D.C. franchise front office.

Ballpark dream vs. the American DreamThe Wash. Times

An unsigned article calls for compensation above market value for ballpark area property owners. Okay, fine with me.

Last hurrah for ExposToronto Star

Canadian perspective on what is likely the Expos final series in Montréal, which begins tonight.


Robinson returns home; status doubtfulCDT

I would not expect Michael Robinson to be in uniform on Saturday. Thankfully, he walked out of the hospital yesterday. Also, Paterno’s son-in-law is in stable (but critical) condition down in Altoona. JoePa may miss tomorrow’s press conference.

Jeff RiceThe bad news just keeps comingCDT

Jeff Rice on what had to have been one of Joe Paterno’s longest days.

A rough day could have been even worse for LionsThe Morning Call

More on the injuries to PSU QBs. Zack Mills said the hit on Robinson would have been subject to a fine and suspension if it had been the NFL. Mills right shoulder was separated as well.

More from The Collegian: Lions plagued by injuries

Jenny VrentasPSU frustrated after first Big Ten lossThe Collegian
Frustration displayed itself in several forms — defensive end Matthew Rice’s knotted forehead as he trudged off the field, the shouting in the Penn State locker room heard through the walls of the media room, the occasional venting of a player in a post-game interview.

I hope they do not get down on themselves. They still have a lot of time left to make things better and they are not that far away if they get a healthy QB. They should not be too down on themselves for Saturday’s performance.

Mason is No. 1 fan of PaternoPioneer Press

Somebody needs to get Minnesota coach Glen Mason an “I (heart) Joe Paterno” t-shirt.


Capitals Begin Canceling Home GamesThe Post

Just in case word had not yet filtered to the WWN ombudsman, the NHL lockout is underway as expected with no end in sight.


Skytop drivers in a jamCDT

Who would have thought that a project championed by a corrupt Congressman and allowed to bypass all environmental oversight would turn into a ecological diaster? By adding a rider exempting future i-99 from regulations, Bud Shuster set the stage for a nightmare of acid rock that will delay a project by two years and cost untold millions.

Library founder had impressive literary backgroundCDT

An interesting article on Fred Lewis Pattee, first professor of American Literature at Penn State or anywhere else for that matter.


For Public Stations, Satellite Programming May Signal Trouble AheadThe Post

Sooner or later, satellite radio was probably going to give public radio a hit, but with Bob Edwards bolting for XM after getting the shaft at NPR, the process was accelerated. I have sympathy for the local stations, but none for NPR which decided to replace the goose that laid golden eggs with two chickens.

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On, Wisconsin! On, Wisconsin!
Plunge right through that line!
Run the ball clear down the field,
(originally “Run the ball clear ’round Chicago”)
A touchdown sure this time.
On, Wisconsin! On, Wisconsin!
Fight on for her fame
Fight! Fellows! – fight, fight, fight!
We’ll win this game.

On, Wisconsin! On, Wisconsin!
Stand up, Badgers, sing!
“Forward” is our driving spirit,
Loyal voices ring.
On, Wisconsin! On, Wisconsin!
Raise her glowing flame
Stand, Fellows, let us now
Salute her name!

What a tough, well fought football game (more later). My congratulations go out to Brenda on the big win. Good luck in the rest of the Big11Ten schedule.


Anacostia Waterfront At JunctureThe Post
Twin Sports Stadiums May Produce Rebirth
More on the economic potential of a SE ballpark and Anacostia soccer stadium.

Landowners Feel Stadium SqueezeThe Post
Twenty Acres Earmarked for Baseball Isn’t the District’s — Yet
The District needs to negotiate with the landowners in good faith and give them a fair deal. It would be unfortunate if they have to use eminent domain to get the ballpark built.

Here’s the Pitch, but No One’s at BatThe Post
With Kids, the Expos Face A Long Slide Into Home
Article suggests that D.C. kids are not baseball fans. So? I doubt many Baltimore/San Diego/Bronx kids are fans either, it does not stop the teams from being successful. Some of them will become baseball fans now that they can see a team live.

The Turf War for Md. FansThe Post
In Orioles Country, Residents Would Welcome D.C. Team
Does anyone (other than Peter Angelo$) really think that lifelong O’s fans are suddenly going to forget about that and abandon them for a D.C. team, even if they live in Montgomery County?
More from The Sun: With prospect of D.C. team, what city do you call home?

Q&AThe Post
A few questions with Jeff Zients, president and chief executive of Washington Baseball Club, the group that has been trying to bring NL ball to D.C. for five years.

George SolomonBaseball in D.C.? Say It Is SoThe Post
George Solomon’s sons got tired of his Sunday columns. They are changing their tune now.

A few hundred Expos fans hold rally in Montreal in bid to keep baseball teamCanadian Press via The Montreal Gazette
It appears to be too little too late for Montreal baseball. While I am excited that the Expos may finally be coming here, I feel for the Montreal fans who really got shafted by MLB over the last decade. Perhaps, they can someday get a ballpark plan put together that will allow them to re-enter the league.

Baseball pursuit ending in a hurryThe Wash. Times
A breakdown of why D.C. appears to have won the Expos bid. If we get the team and you agree with this article, you may have to thank the voters of Ward 8 for choosing “mayor for life” Marion Barry.

SchmuckWith Angelos standing in way, eminent domain might not be imminentThe Sun
A Baltimore columnist, who will no longer get the courtesy of a first name, suggests that Angelo$ may side with SE property owners and battle any eminent domain, perhaps pro bono representation. Hopefully, such childish and self-centered move would earn him censure from MLB as it would certainly earn the scorn of the rest of America.

Help ‘All Things Considered’ Name the DC Baseball TeamNPR
NPR wants you to call in and pick a name for a D.C. baseball team. In the end, do not be surprised if Senators does not make it, I expect it to be the Grays. I can live with that, though Senators would almost certainly have better uniforms.


Erica and I had a few friends over last night to watch the Penn State at Wisconsin game. As you saw earlier in this post, we lost and I conceded defeat to my friend in Madison. It is hard to win when the top two QBs do not make it through the first quarter and one of them is taken by ambulance to a hospital unconscious. Even with that, the team played hard and did not give up. They should be proud be of their effort and hold their heads high. Next week’s game at Minnesota will be a challenge, but I believe they can rally and still win, regardless of QB. There is other troubling news, Joe Paterno’s son-in-law is hospitalized with a head injury, so it is a tough week for the Penn State family.

Badgers batter Nittany Lions in conference openerCDT
Like I said, a tough game. It is hard to defend against a wild-card like FB Matt Bernstein (Wisc. State Journal via CDT) who came in during the 2nd half and hurdled his 270 lb body all over the field.
More from the Patriot-News: Penn State loses two QBs, Big Ten opener to Badgers
More from the Post-Gazette: Penn State battered, badgered in 16-3 loss
More from the The Morning Call: Badgers knock Penn State out

Badger defenders take pleasure in knocking out QBsWisc. State Journal via CDT
No comment.

Ganter steps into tough spotCDT
QB Chris Ganter had a nearly impossible task last night. I will not criticize his performance, a real baptism by fire, but next week, whoever is under center needs to be ready. I would expect Anthony Morelli to get some snaps and if he is healthy enough, Zack Mills in addition to Ganter.

Paterno’s son-in-law seriously injured in bicycle accidentCDT
Very scary news for the Paterno family. Hopefully, everything will work out. If it does not, this may be the end Paterno’s coaching career.

David JonesUW’s front four ravages LionsPatriot-News
I take issue with calling the game a “nightmare,” when Paterno’s son-in-law has a serious head injury in Altoona. Perhaps this was filed before that was known.

Wisconsin defense one to savorPatriot-News
It is a shame we cannot see how they stack up against a full squad for sixty minutes, but they made it a moot point, which says a lot about their defense in and of itself.

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Bidding War Likely for D.C. TeamThe Post

Lots of groups are interested in owning a D.C. baseball team and the long-time flag bearer for the cause, Washington Baseball Club, L.L.C. could be left out in the cold.

Angelos, MLB Are NegotiatingThe Post

Peter Angelo$ has not stopped being difficult, though Bobby Dupuy was “a corporate litigator and known for taking on hopeless cases and negotiating a satisfactory outcome.”

More from The Sun: League envoy seeks to ease Orioles’ pain.

District panel OKs memoThe Wash. Times

An important step has been reached, the memorandum of understanding was approved.

Thomas BoswellAngelos’s Tactics: Par for the CoarseThe Post
The belligerent Orioles owner should ask himself how we will react to his bad faith. After all the cash Washington fans have put in his team’s pockets, this is our repayment? Who but this litigious bully would try to hijack the entire nation’s capital when he has no shred of a legal claim?

Can I get an amen?

Sally JenkinsBadly Fooled By the PitchThe Post

New Yorker Sally Jenkins wonders out loud how this a good deal for D.C. and if it is worth the cost. Well, ask anyone in Cleveland, Denver, or Baltimore if they like their ballparks and see what they say.

D.C. Stadiums Seen as One-Two Economic PunchThe Post

More about the soccer stadium plans which would be on the opposite side of the Anacostia from a ballpark.

Cannons Join the ExposThe Post

Apparently, the minor league team in Prince William county tried to align with the Expos two years ago, but were unable to because MLB did not want the appearance of favoritism in the Expos relocation. I would go to some Cannons games if they were aligned with a D.C. team.

O’s fans say they won’t head south if Expos comeThe Sun

Here is a story that Angelo$ has to read. It turns out that not everyone will jump ship on his team the minute a D.C. franchise plays ball. In other news, the sky is blue, the earth is round, and it is more difficult to see in the dark than in the light.

John EisenbergFans’ lack of D.C. angst has root cause on fieldThe Sun

While sticking up for Angelo$’s fight, Eisenberg points out that “the sky can’t fall now because it already fell” since Angelo$ bought the team, despite all of that D.C. revenue.

Thom LoverroZen-like process nears its endThe Wash. Times

Loverrno sites Confucis to suggest D.C. is getting the team.


Tonight is a HUGE test for the Nittany Lions. Win this one and they have a good springboard for the rest of the Big11Ten season. Lose it and well, we know what happened last year. Also, my friend Brenda Mayrack is my enemy today and she is already playing hardball.

Badgers will pose big test for PSUThe Collegian

Like I said earlier…though if they lose, I hope they take it as just one game and move on. Every game left appears to be a toss-up from this point on.

D-line will try to stop Stanley this yearThe Collegian

The D-line failed its first test of the year at B.C. and this one is no easier.

Wisconsin front four will disrupt Hunt, Scott and rest of Penn State backfieldThe Collegian

Penn State may have to pass to set up the run. Some good TE play would be helpful today, which fifth year senior/first year starter will emerge?

Derek LevarseRoad woes a pain for Lions, need to end soonThe Collegian

It is hard to believe how long ago it was that they won on the road.

Running, turnovers key for PSUThe Collegian

If they can hold off on the turnovers, they can win. More than 2 turnovers and they will be hard pressed to win.

Penn State makes run at WisconsinCDT

Linebacker Posluszny catching on quickCDT

Everyone is pleased with the development of LB Paul Posluszny

Ron BrackenNumbers saying it all about Mills’ seasonCDT

They sure are, but if PSU stays at a .667 pace, lots of people will be pleased. I do not think they can if Mills keeps coughing up the ball.

More from the Post-Gazette: Mills must play in no-mistake zone

Ganter guided potent offense to success during 12-0 seasonCDT

I can think of one party guest who will not even read this article as it would challenge his entire worldview. Hopefully, in ten years they will be writing a similar article about OC Galen Hall.

Badgers winning with smart, power footballTribune-Review

They are following the Ohio State model without as many close calls.

Penn State wants to do the jumping against WisconsinThe Morning Call

Another game preview. Shockingly, RB Austin Scott, a local favorite, is not even mentioned.
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Baseball Moves Closer In D.C. Plan for ExposThe Post

Orioles’ Owner Angelos Would Be Compensated

Until a decision is made, I am skeptical. The Loudoun group is still alive, because it is the one thing that may soften Peter Angelo$.

Thomas BoswellWith MLB, The Code Is ClearThe Post

Tom Boswell thinks that baseball has chosen D.C. and just needs to work out the kinks. I wish I had his optimism.

Thomas BoswellIn a Pinch, Reinsdorf Ready to Start SwingingThe Post

This is from yesterday, I cannot believe I forgot to post it. It looks like Reinsdorf did not duel with Angelo$, perhaps it was unnecessary.

In Montreal, It’s Few and Far BetweenThe Post

During our visit, the few people we talked to about Les Expos were very bitter about the way things transpired.

How to Make An Expos Fan Out of AngelosThe Post

A funny story from the Style section.

Panel backs D.C. bid; owners’ vote due soonThe Wash. Times

They think that the owners will choose D.C. If Selig makes the decision and the owners follow, then I remain skeptical and need to be proved otherwise.

MLB lets N.Va. get back in the ballgameThe Wash. Times

Troubling, if they meet with the Loudoun group for hours and hours, I will be disturbed.

Tom Knott27 property owners and a 20-acre plotThe Wash. Times

Tom Knott (of all people) takes the “human interest” angle on a SE ballpark. Would it be any different if people were losing their homes/businesses for an expanded SE Federal Center? Ballpark or not, they are probably going to have to leave the neighborhood due to growth that will come one way or another. I am not saying that it is right or fair, but just the way it is.

MLB stays neutral about Expos’ moveUSA Today

What, MLB did not make a decision?

MLB works to appease AngelosUSA Today

Angelo$ should be grateful that MLB is doing this out of the goodness of their hearts because they have no legal obligation to do so. Instead, he is acting like a child.

Angelos sticking with his best pitch: No team for D.C.The Sun

You know, when he was buying the O’s, Angelo$ was aware that there is interest in putting a team in D.C., so by buying the team, he made took a risk that he would someday have competition in D.C. He choose to buy the team anyway. He will still make back twice as much on his original investment if not thrice as much.

The powerful savor the possibilitiesThe Sun

This story is trying to paint potential D.C. fans as the rich and powerful, and not the everyman. Lame.

Laura VecesyPayments could place ball on tee for AngelosThe Sun

This column suggests that a payoff proves Angelo$’s point that it is bad for Baltimore to put a team in D.C. So? That is capitalism, competition happens. I have a hard time feeling sorry for a plutocrat who does not want competition.

Michael OleskerD.C. baseball? Baltimore has reason to balkThe Sun

Another column that predicts doom for the O’s if the Expos come here. Umm, as oppossed to what? Guess what, not everyone will abandon the O’s if D.C. gets a team, far from it. Get over it already. Just another column that suggests that Baltimore is inferior and must live off of D.C. welfare to survive, a theory that I do not subscribe to at all. Give your team and city some credit, folks!

Baseball fans’ loyalty dilemmaThe Sun

Guess what, since they are in different leagues, some people might like BOTH teams. It will happen with some, trust me. If Angelo$ is smart, he would begin to play up their status as “MARYLAND’S TEAM” and put Baltimore back on the road uniforms as well as the state flag on their sleeves, like the Ravens. Duh.


My friend Brenda Mayrack seems to be taking to this wager quite well. I will post more on it this afternoon.Lack of success could be costly proposition for Nittany LionsCDT

Guard’s return boosts O-linePatriot-News

Gotta go, running late, more later!

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The Showdown BeginsThe Post

Angelos-MLB Discussions Not Progressing

It appears that Peter Angelo$ is going to be kicking and screaming like a spoiled child when baseball tells him that the Expos belong in Washington. Rather than taking this with dignity and working cooperatively with baseball to secure a deal to offset perceived loss of market share, he is going to make it messy and probably alienate Washingtonians who would still be willing to go to Baltimore. One longterm solution already being looked at, moving Baltimore’s AAA team to Harrisburg, Penna., would certainly increase the O’s market. The alert reader in Fairfax pointed out this story from The Sun, which was not updated at presstime: Orioles see Expos’ move to D.C. as likely.

For D.C., It May Not Be Same Old Song and DanceThe Post

A “can it really be true?” article.

D.C. Selling Stadium Deal to Business LeadersThe Post

Story from the Metro section about the process of getting the ballpark funding and land acquired.

Stadium Deal Is Typical For TeamsThe Post

More on the ballpark funding. Check out this graphic of SE development plans. There is a lot going on down there already. They need to turn the ballpark around though.

Some in SE Say Stadium Not WelcomeThe Post

Shop Owners, Residents Near Site Have Concerns

On any large project, there will be NIMBYs. I am not trying to trivialize their concerns, but there will always be someone who does not want something built. Perhaps the sculptor in the article could be hired to create soemthing for the ballpark.

Michael WilbonA Stadium Grows, a City Will BlossomThe Post

Wow, if Michael Wilbon is writing about baseball, it must be serious. He makes the case for the redevelopment that will occur with a new ballpark, while addressing issues that often come up (why not spend the money on schools?) during funding discussions.

Relocation timetableThe Post

What will likely happen, when, and how.

New site no walk in the ballparkThe Wash. Times

A bucket of cold water on our dreams courtesy of the The Wash. Times. D.C. does not own the land they want to build on, just like the Loudoun bid. In the end, I think they can get it through.

Baseball for D.C. all set or is it?The Wash. Times

A skeptical article from Thom Loverno. Baseball in D.C. is not yet a slam dunk.

Decision due soon on ExposUSA Today

More from Hal Bodley.

David SteeleFor sore O’s, site of ballpark puts them in a very bad spotThe Sun

A Baltimore columnist thinks the SE ballpark plan is excellent and therefore bad for Angelo$.

Live OnlineBaseballThe Post

Staff writer Thomas Heath talks about baseball at 10 a.m. Yesterday, USA Today’s Hal Bodley had a lot to say about the Expos. Did WWN’s “alert reader in Fairfax” have a question answered?


Brenda Mayrack and I are finalizing some sort of wager on the outcome of the game. She just started grad school out there. More details soon.

Injuries force RB to leave footballThe Collegian

Fifth year RB Mike Gasparato is done due to leg injuries. Best of luck to him.

Young LBs renew ‘Linebacker U’The Collegian

I do not think that playing well against Central Florida is enough to warrant this headline. Play well against the Big11Ten and then you can talk about renewal.

Nittany Lions now looking to see how they stack up against Big TenCDT

This will be a telling game. I think they can win any one of the rest of the games this season, but they have to play hard and smart.

Alvarez appears to have Badgers back on trackPatriot-News

Did you know Alvarez has a campus ice cream named after him too? It’s called Berry Alvarez.

Lowry has special plans for Badgers Patriot-News

Penn State junior return man wants to make up for last year’s miscues

At this point, I would just be satisfied with positive yardage on every return and no fumbles.

Penn State defense wants to attackPost-Gazette

That is a good attitude to take, let’s hope the coaches let them.

At home at PSU, Guman lets looseThe Morning Call

More about DB Andrew Guman.

Lions to face raucous Camp Randall crowdTribune-Review

Playing in Wisconsin tends to be difficult, but the series has seen the visitors win a lot of the games.

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D.C. Offers Waterfront Baseball StadiumThe Post

Sources Say Owners Will Support Moving Expos to Washington

Lots of details on the preferred ballpark site, which turns out to be in SE. I guess that would put it near the Navy Yard Metro (see graphic). M Street is already undergoing redevelopment, but the last time I drove through, it seemed it would be a 8 to 5:30 type of area, but this could make it so much more. Overall, this appears to be great news. Naturally, Peter Angelo$ has said he will fight. My advice, take it with dignity and grace Pete, so you don’t alienate your dwindling D.C. fanbase.

More from The Wash. Times: M Street site for ballpark

Thomas BoswellThe District’s Play at the Plate Is Going to Be Very CloseThe Post

If Tom Boswell is writing a column, we must be close. He reamins very cautious, as do I.


Lowry: Opponents ‘don’t fear Penn State’CDT

He’s right, they don’t; this needs to change, how does Saturday work for you?

Paterno defends Mills againCDT

No surprise here, let’s hope he does not have to do it next week.

No insight from Paterno on Wisconsin, Big TenThe Collegian

It sounds like somebody was grumpy at his press conference yesterday.

Turnovers no problem in practiceThe Collegian

They say practice makes perfect — let’s hope that it does.

Jenny VrentasAggressive play a favorite among Lions defendersThe Collegian

Probably the most (if not only) promising sign about last week’s game was the defense. They started off poorly, but once they tasted a little success really started playing well.

Paterno wants more from WakePatriot-News

So do I, though it is probably more bench time for him. He is underachieving, as he has been throughout his career.

Bob FloundersBadgers really can be beatenPatriot-News

It is a sorry state of affairs that columns like this are being written. Yes, the Badgers can be beaten as can anyone on our schedule. Make it happen, men!

Penn State seeking to regain its stature among Big Ten elitePost-Gazette

Winning Saturday would be a good first step. If we do that, I will provide the next seven steps the would need to take.

Penn State Notebook: Paterno tried to wake up starting LB with benchingPost-Gazette

I think JoePa probably woke up Dan Connor more than Derek Wake, but we will see. Sadly, Connor is probably too small to be terribly useful this week.

Joe Paterno press conference transcript: 9/21/04Post-Gazette

It’s all there for you to read and pontificate on.

NCAA ponders adding 12th game to college football seasonPost-Gazette

Paterno is not in favor of it, but I have to disagree on this one. More football is good, particularly if it means more Eastern rivalry games.


Yesterday, we celebrated my mother Barbara’s birthday with dinner at a Vienna’s East Chateau, a Chinese place with mediocre service. However, the food was very good. We also enjoyed cake and ice cream back at Yurasko HQ. Many more, Mom!

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