Nationals Ticket Distribution a Tough Balancing ActThe Post
VIPs, Average Joes Compete for Seats
In about five hours, tickets go on sale for the general public for opening night. They are going for $500 on ebay right now. It is a real headache for the Nats ticket office, but in the end, it is a good headache to have. It is probably easier to get tickets to see them opening day in Philly.

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Nationals NotebookWilkerson Has Yet to Hit StrideThe Post
Aw shucks, it’s no big deal, he’ll come ’round.

Fan favorite in waiting OF Brad Wilkerson is not hitting well. He says that he normally needs 60 to 70 at bats in the spring to get going, but thus far he only has 40 or so plate appearances.

Also, Mclean High School alumnus P Seth Grissinger has been shipped to Atlanta. He had already been sent down. I would have liked to see him make stay in the organization and make the squad, but it is apparently not to be, he just was not there yet.

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Blanco Is Finding a ZoneThe Post
It looks like rookie IF Tony Blanco has made the team.

Win or LoseThe Washington Post Magazine

In Washington, the return of baseball is the triumph of hope over experience
Hey! They stole my line. I have been calling my blogging about the Nats a “triumph of hope over experience” since it at least August. If you can forgive them, check out this cover story detailing the history of baseball in the District, it looks pretty interesting. I will probably wait to see the dead-tree version tomorrow.

Nationals mark return of nation’s pasttime to nation’s capitalThe Capital
An article from the Annapolis perspective on the return of baseball. It profiles one fan who goes to every Sunday game in Baltimore but is buying a mini-plan for the Nats too. Just imagine if Peter Angelo$ had been reasonable about everything, there probably would have been a few thousand people just like this one.

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