Wasn’t this thing suppossed to have been settled last Dec. 21

Barry Acted to Block StadiumThe Post
Marion Barry (D, Ward-8) is making his presence known again and no good can come from that, can it? This article details how he tried to create a deal with prospective owner Jonathan Ledecky on cost overruns. Barry was rallying support on the council for this move, but one of Mayor Anthony Williams aides tipped off MLB, who of course were not in favor Barry’s plan to “dictate terms.” It would all be so facinating if I did not have a horse in this race. Oh and Linda Cropp is pushing the RFK site again, which would be pennywise and pound-foolish.

Someone is going to get a great book out of this ordeal.

More from The Wall Street Journal: Nationals Pass Time Waiting for a Deal To Build a Ballpark & Baseball blues

Stadium Arbitration Could Take MonthsThe Post
If MLB does take D.C. to arbitration it would not be settled easily. I have heard that MLB has the upper hand if it goes that far, but I have also heard the inverse. Let’s hope something gets worked out before it reaches that point. MLB has really overplayed their hand.

D.C. stadium vote delayed until next yearThe Wash. Times
There is no chance that the council will vote on the lease before the Dec. 31 deadline.

THOMAS BOSWELLBaseball, D.C. Are in a League Of Their OwnThe Post
Boswell calls the plight of D.C. and MLB poetic justice (which is pretty much is) while suggesting that they both back down and reach a compromise. If it only it were that easy.

Yuda’s Gameday has my feelings on that matter summed up pefectly.

In Baseball Melodrama, No Shortage of CriticsThe Post
What the peopel are saying.

Nats’ Soriano: A one-year wonder?The Wash. Times
Actual baseball, not politics, talk. Once again, let’s think about how this is another fantastic deal by Jim Bowden.

‘Damn Yankees,’ Batting Solidly in the Mid-FiftiesThe Post
I was debating whether to see “Damn Yankees” in light of all the ballpark melodrama. I think I will.

JIM WILLIAMSON MEDIA: Nats hot stove stays warmThe Wash. Examiner
The ever reliable Williams (8-5!) says a Jose Vidro-Kerry Woods trade might be in the works. Don’t count on it, but if it could happen, I’d say go for for it.

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