Monthly Archives: January 2006

Mr. Tony on MNF?

Earlier noted that the NY Post (I don’t feel like registering) is reporting that Tony Kornheiser could be part of a three man booth for Monday Night Football when it moves to ESPN next year. ESPN is deciding whether to retain Al Michaels and if they do not, Kornheiser would join Mike Tirico and

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I wish I had thought of this…

Over at Oleanders and Morning Glories, Harper has done what a newsroom might call an “enterprise project,” one that I wish I had thought of — he’s rating MLB mascots. Bottom 8 Middle 10 Top 8 I disagree with his choice of #1, but it is a fun list nevertheless. Last year a compiled a

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More on the new lease agreement

Baseball Consents To Revised Lease Deal – The PostThe District and MLB hammered out a new agreement, but it does not have any cost caps, which concerns swing votes Kwame R. Brown (D-At Large) and Vincent C. Gray (D-Ward 7). Fixed costs will be negotiated with construction companies and are subject to council approval in

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