Lawrence’s shoulder worse than expected

Pitcher Also Has a Torn Rotator CuffThe Post
Projected fifth starter Brian Lawrence is done, having torn his rotator cuff as well as his labrum. Ouch. Tom Boswell reminds he never missed a start before this injury and then predicts this will kill the franchise or something.

More from The Wash. Times: Lawrence injury ‘more severe’

Nationals Mull Pitching OptionsThe Post
The Lawrence injury further complicates the Nats pitching woes; but hey, it’s not like they have an overpriced malcontent locking up valuable money that could be used on pitching, is it? Oh wait, I almost forgot, Jim Bowden is the general manager.

Guzman May Work At 2B, 3BThe Post
There is finally an admission that Cristian Guzman may not be the everyday shortstop, so there is talk that he may practice at 3B and 2B (ha!) so that he would be ready to come off the bench, a la Jamie Carroll; except that instead of a hard-working, scrappy player going wherever he was needed, we will have an overpiad underachiever.

Praise for Schneider catching onThe Wash. Times
Signing Brian Schneider to a four contract may have been the best move Bowden has ever made.

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