UCL tears are the new punk

Nats Reliever Ayala Is Lost for SeasonThe Post
Paging, Dr. Andrews, Dr. James Andrews…

Luis Alaya is done for the year and at least two away from regaining form due to a UCL tear that will require the Tommy John surgery. This is devastating for the Nats. Alaya’s frequent relief kept the Nats alive last year and with only 2 pitchers in a five man rotation he was going to be vital to the Nats survival. The season could be a brutal one. Anything above 75 wins is going to look like a miracle unless they can get a decent pitcher for Soriano.

The Nats braintrust is really upset. They did not want Ayala in the WBC, but could not prove medically that he did not belong there.

“We thought it was a bad decision to let him pitch,” (Tony) Tavares said by phone Friday from Washington. “It doesn’t take a genius to figure this out. You know what surgery is like on elbows. It takes time to rebound from them. It’s usually a process that has a certain cadence to it. This was accelerating that cadence. We were concerned, very concerned — and as it shows right now, for good reason.”

There’s more…

“Our medical staff has advised me that they don’t believe that this injury would have happened if he had been in the care of our medical staff and on our plan,” (Jim) Bowden said. “This is a devastating injury. It’s a devastating loss to the club.”

2B Jose Vidro also advised him not to play in the WBC.

More from The Wash. Times: Ayala out for season with injury

Long shots eye Nats’ staffThe Wash. Times
Given the sorry state of the rotation right now, can you really say that anyone is a longshot? If one more pitcher goes down, we’re sending Fritz to Viera. We’ve got him throwing 45 pitchers every other day just in case.

Williams to meet with SeligThe Wash. Times
Mayor Anthony Williams has found a reason to leave town again, this time to San Diego. He is going to meet Bud Selig and state the case for naming an owner. Rest assured, it is not going to happen with the WBC is still going on, so hopefully it will happen by opening day. The prevailing wisdom is that the Lerner group, which may have pulled in Stan Katsden is the choice.

NATIONALS NOTEBOOKGuzman’s Shoulder Is WorrisomeThe Post
Apparently Cristian Guzman has had a bad shoulder since he was with the Twins but played through it anyway. Also, Ryan Drese (torn labrum) threw 40 pitches in a simulated game and RF Jose Guillen took 50 swings.

For Some Fans, Stadium Designers Whiffed Big-TimeThe Post
Now the paper of record in the nation’s capital is doing a man on the street story on the new ballpark and when I think of the generic man on the street, I automatically think of George Will and Ralph Nader. Will likes it:

The concept of the park in both the positioning of it for the views and the light and airiness of it is wonderful…it’s the complete reverse of those dual-purpose monstrosities.

but Nader does not:

It’s the schlockiest design. It’s ugly, so ugly it’s going to lower the price of naming rights. What they should have done, since the taxpayers are funding this, is put it out for a broad public review.

Now Ralph, what do you really think?


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