Monthly Archives: May 2006

Q&A: Heavy Metal Parking Lot 20th Anniversary

Today is the anniversary of the 1986 Judas Priest Capital Centre concert that was immortalized in the documentary Heavy Metal Parking Lot. John Heyn and Jeff Krulik’s 16 minute video of Judas Priest fans tailgating perfectly captured the heavy metal zeitgeist of the mid 80s. The documentary made the rounds at local film festivals before

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Oh but Ironhead, what’s with this thingie?

I got this text message from Brad Stratton: In honor of the late Craig “Ironhead” Heyward, I propose that the season field goal kicking winner get the championship loofah. Deal. Post-Gazette obit. Congress To Ironhead: ‘What’s With This Thingy?’ – The Onion ©MMX William F. Yurasko