Nats take series in Atlanta, hire next year’s manager

Cherry Blossoms 5 Peachtrees 2

At Last, Nats Solve SmoltzThe Post
P Ramon Oritz is on a roll. He won his fourth start in a row, over John Smoltz no less, to take two of three in Atlanta. Marlon Anderson homered in the sixth to put give the Nats an insurmountable lead. Daryle Ward doubled in two more in the ninth as well.

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Nats Add Former Orioles Manager as a ConsultantThe Post
Frank Robinson’s caddies rejoice! Former Mets/Reds/Orioles/Dodgers manager Davey Johnson has been named “low-man on the totem pole” which apparently means he will help Jim Bowden at the trade deadline. What odds can I get that he finishes the season in the dugout?

I am not sure how excited I am about Johnson taking over the reins. While he has won at 3 of 4 stops along the way, I think he seriously underachieved with the Mets. They should have been better than they were. I realize that he probably was not the guy saying, “Hey Daryl, check out this wicked nose candy” but still, they should have won more.

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Patterson Pleased by Rehab StartThe Post
P John Patterson threw 55 pitches in a rehab start in Prince William County. He was happy. MissChatter celebrated her birthday there and took these photos. NFA has the coverage too.

Bowden terms draft a successThe Wash. Times
Jim Bowden says he is pleased with the draft, but what else would you expect him to say? The Wash. Examiner has Bowden in his own words

Rick Snider: Nats appear to have future in focusThe Wash. Examiner
Snider is pleased with the draft, but thinks Alfonso Soriano is untouchable. He also thinks that Montgomery County’s proposed ballpark ought to become the Nats AAA home. Um, no, but maybe AA. Here’s my idea, put AAA in Harrisburg and AA in Montgomery County.

Nationals Say No to Underground ParkingThe Post
No shocker here, the Lerners won’t bury the garages at the ballpark. I am disappointed, because this is pennywise-pound foolish, but them’s the breaks. The city is not happy either, but in the end, that is what they approved. Expecting the suburban mall developer to spend more money on underground garages might be just a little naive.

PRESS RELEASEWashington Nationals Thanksgiving in June food
If there is a Christmas In July, it only makes sense to have Thanksgiving in June. The Nats’ wives (and girlfriends?) are accepting canned goods during the Phillies series this weekend.

Jim Williams: Mayor: MLB needs to up ante, get Nats on TVThe Wash. Examiner
Williams interviews Williams — the 138th time Emmy winner has a Q&A with Mayor Tony Williams on the Nats TV situation.

I can not help but post a few comments from yesterday’s Barry Svrluga chat (with emphasis added):

20003: I believe you’ve commented in one of these chats that do you not frequently read any of the blogs that follow and comment on the team. Why not? There is some good writing and thinking about the team out there (junk too — but it’s not hard to sort out). While I realize you’re a reporter not a columnist, I would think the info and perspectives of these highly engaged writers would be useful to you.

Barry Svrluga: You know, I have checked out a few of them, and there are a couple that are absolutely hysterical. These people obviously pay close attention to the team. I will say, though, that some of the dilligence of the writers seems to have lapsed recently. They don’t seem to be updated as much.

And another one:

Do you think they’ll label anyone untouchable outside of Dutch – if him? Would you?

Barry Svrluga: Dutch Zimmerman? Still don’t get it.

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