Nats Season ticketholders meeting recap

Several weeks ago, I was able to crash (pun intended) a Nationals season ticketholders meeting hosted by Stan Kasten. Belated thanks go to CrashRiley for the hookup. Some observations from the meeting:

  • Kasten reaffirmed the three tenets of his philosophy: player development, customer satisfaction, and community involvement. He explained very pragmatically why these pillars are so important.
  • Why so little farm system information? — he blamed the media for not doing it and said they may have to link to blogs from the team’s Web site, which sounds like good news for NFA.
  • people asked why the taxi stand did not have taxis
  • why the lines are so slow
  • will I get similar seats in the ballpark (asked about three times — YES)
  • I asked if there would be a Nats store any time soon, and it sounds like the answer is no. He said “off the record” that Angelo$ mentioned to him that the 17th Street Orioles store would be closing. That is public knowledge now.
  • Everyone laughed when I used the word “subsidized” to describe that other team.

Also, I got bag of swag. Included in it were:

  • A “Take Me Out to the Nachos” t-shirt.
  • A notepad
  • Ryan Zimmerman dog tag
  • A pretty cheap Chinese-made Nats cap
  • Probably something else that I forgot.

Oh and I think there is NO chance Soriano resigns here, it conflicts with Kasten’s philosophy. I understand where he is coming from on this one.

Thanks again to CrashRiley for letting me tag along.

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