Bad news for fans of Gene Weingarten’s chat:

Today marks the five-year anniversary of Chatological Humor, which has become a national model for the successful, sophisticated, wildly popular national online reader-interactive forum. Its readership is steadily and continually growing. Boldly exploring the limits of real-time technology while fearlessly challenging antiquated, patronizing notions of the proprieties of adult discourse, we have together established an archive of unforgettable discussions. We have made news. We have inspired imitators. Many years from now, when “the chat” has replaced newspapers, TV, radio, bloggers, podcasts and all other media as America’s favorite information delivery system, Chatological Humor will be regarded as the Vladimir Zworykin of human communication. Or, Henry Ford, if you prefer. My point is, we have done well, and done good.

Time to kill the thing!

Yes, Chatological Humor ends today.


Q: Well, won’t you come out from under your crushing burdens in five months?

A: Yes.

Q: Why don’t you just resume the chats then?

A: I didn’t say I wouldn’t.

Q: Wait … will you?

A: Yes. In April, Chatological Humor will return.

I’m so dissapointed that Weingarten is taking a Waterson/Larson/Trudeau/Superman type sabbactical, but not surprised. I’ll miss it a lot.

Follow along while you still can!

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