Yesterday, I went skiing the Poconos with my friend Wiley. I’ll write about the skiing after I get photos from my disposable camera (I’m not taking a digital one on the slopes) developed.

On the ride up from Wiley’s in York, we drove up I-81 past the campus that we both started our college careers, Penn State Hazelton Hazleton, aka “the old school.”

The ride was the closest I had been to Hazleton (the homeland of Run Up The Score!) in nearly ten years. My time there was interesting, but ultimately a culture shock for the locals as much as it was for me. The professors were pretty good, but the overall academic climate was lacking and the dominant ideology of the region was bad, a fact I may have pointed out once or twice. Still, I had some pretty good memories and am still friends with people (like Wiley) I met there.

I created a Flickr set of photos of the ride through the region. Enjoy.

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