Six football players face chargesThe Collegian
The following players have been charged:

S Anthony Scirrotto*
DT Chris Baker
LB Jerome Hayes
CB Justin King*
LB Tyrell Sales
CB Lydell Sargent

*2006 starters

Bernd H. Imle, Jr. and Thomas Skalamera were also charged in the alleged altercation that proceeded the alleged assault.

A police report (PDF) from the State College Police Department was put online by the Collegian.

In addition to the charges, these players and perhaps others will probably be summoned by Judicial Affairs which has been known to punish students who were found not-guilty in criminal proceedings.

Scirrotto is facing the most serious charges. I don’t know the full story of what happened on April 1 at Meridian, but whether they are guilty or not none of them should be in the situation. Run Up the Score! has had the most thorough coverage of the blogs out there.

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