SAN FRANCISCO — For several years now, I have been intrigued by the liquor absinthe. The “green fairy” got a bad rap about a century ago that it is now only overcoming. Absinthe has been only been legal in a few states including New Jersey, New York and California in recent years, though dl004d recently said “the four government-approved absinthe blends will be legal in all states starting Dec. 21.” That’s great, but I wasn’t about to wait another few days that I did not have to — I read in the article, “Absinthe flows again, more stylish than ever,” in USA Today that San Francisco’s own Absinthe Brasserie & Bar would be selling the real thing before Dec. 21.

David and I sampled Lucid after our meal. We both elected to have with a a sugar cube and cold water, rather than any elaborate cocktail. We carefully poured the water over the cube before sampling it. I found the taste surprising, it was much subtler than I expected. The hints of licorice were just that; I was pleased. It was tasty and kind of fun, but at $13 a pop, I would not be terribly inclined to do it too often. Also, in case you were wondering, I didn’t see music or hear colors.

For dinner, I ordered Grilled Estancia NY Strip steak, fries, mustard glaze, pistou butter. I wasn’t crazy about the pistou butter, but the steak was excellent. Erica enjoyed Braised beef cheeks, smashed potatoes, baby turnips, baby carrots, English peas. Dave said the pork confit, braised red cabbage, Serrano ham, crispy mustard spƤtzle hit the spot. I recommend dining there, even if you are not interested in absinthe.

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