Why we Fight: Baltimore Orioles

Starting tomorrow night, the Nats face off against the hated Orioles owned by the villainous Peter Angelo$, the guy who voted against the team being here, was undeservingly given 90% of the Nationals TV rights by MLB and then kept the Nats off of TV for almost two years. Rather than rehash all the reasons that he and his franchise should be hated by every Washingtonian and probably all Baltimoreans too, I’ll just point you to my newest blogger label — Peter Angelos is a coward. Why should Washingtonians be punished because he is afraid of competition from a city over an hour away or from teams in his division?

Family obligations and a birthday party for a friend will send me to Pennsylvania this weekend, so for the first time I won’t be going to a D.C. series between our home town team and the Angelo$ scum. Boo lustily for me in my absence. I will make up for it next season.

Oh and don’t forget, it is Nationals Conversion Day on Sunday:

The first 10,000 fans that bring in any old MLB merchandise – hats, t-shirts, anything – can trade it in for a brand-new Nats Curly W cap courtesy of ExxonMobil.

They could not have picked a better opponent to do it against.

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