Looking for a Nats story in The Post today, I found none. Now, I realize this is the All-Star break and all, but a quick survey of all other leading newspapers along the Northeast Corridor had coverage of their home teams in them. Ignoring the home team during the middle of the season is an odd choice for sports editor Emilio Garcia-Ruiz to make, no? Garcia-Ruiz does have a staff article on a team from another city though, one that is owned by a someone who tried to kill the hometown team. To me, that is rewarding bad behavior, if not promoting it outright. Is this good news judgment?

Over on New York Ave. NE, despite a much smaller circulation and budget, they are committed to covering the Nationals. They also boast the best writer on the beat these days. The Dick Heller column is pretty stupid though and will not get linked.

Nationals First-Half Report CardThe Wash. Times

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