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Blue White Roundtable: Remember on Dragnet whenever Friday and Gannon would have to go to Pasadena, they said "the home fo the Rose Bowl?"

Since my blogging is ultimately at the convenience of BloggerTM , I have no idea when this pre-Rose Bowl episode of Blue White Roundtable will actually appear. Anyway, this week’s questions come from Zombie Nation. 1. Let’s play a little catch up. How huge was the Kevin Newsomepickup, and what should Penn State do with

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Places I went in 2008

I used the same criteria as previous years — I have to had a meal or spent the night there. Fast food does not count either. Alexandria, Va.Arlington, Va.Bluemont, Va.McLean, Va.Vienna, Va.Virginia Beach, Va.Washington, D.C.Columbia, Md.Avalon, N.J.Sea Isle City, N.JStone Harbor, N.J.Bronx, N.Y.New York, N.Y.Allentown, Pa.Belleville, Pa.Harrisburg, Pa.Hershey, Pa.Lewisberry, Pa.Lewistown, Pa.Manada Hill, Pa.Mechanicsburg, Pa.Reedsville, Pa.State

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