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A moment for reflection, if you will. I think it’s already fair to say that Jim Bowden greatly miscalculated his team’s needs/weaknesses this offseason. Think back, for instance, to the bullpen this team had in February. No Beimel. No Wells. No Tavarez. No real back-up plan whatsoever if all the young guys failed. Bowden, w/r/t his bullpen, was counting on a pipedream.

Or as you will see below, maybe he just didn’t care.

Thom Loverro: Bowden discovers his calling in La-La LandThe Wash. Times
This column about Bowden “will angry up the blood” as Grampa Simpson would say.

“I said, ‘I am the senior vice president of the Washington team, but it is the Washington Nationals, not the Generals.’ Then I hesitated and said, ‘But you know what? We probably win as many games as the Generals.’ The whole place cracked up laughing.”

That was said back in November by the way. He knew he put together a crap team and laughed about it. Shame on him, but shame on the Lerners for retaining his services for so long.

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