Athlon: Penn State #7

No. 7 Penn State Nittany LionsAthlon College Football
We are 99 days away from kickoff, but Athlon has had their Penn State preview up for a little while now. They rank Penn State #7, but have concerns about the offensive line, wide receivers and the secondary. Of those, the wideouts concern me the most, followed by the line and then the secondary. I think the last year’s DBs can be improved upon. Line play has gotten better over the last four seasons and while I don’t think that they will “reload” I think it will be okay.

Okay, no more previews after this one — I’ll wait until summer practice for any more.

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2 comments on “Athlon: Penn State #7”

  1. TMBC

    Unless of course, Beano offers a preview. You would want to post that, yes?

  2. WFY

    Beano doesn’t do previews, just predictions. I think he does enough damage that way.

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