Jim Bowden WUSA interview

Unfortunately, you are probably going to have to see an annoying Pepto Bismal (which I once had a nasty allergic reaction to) ad five times. I suppose it is an appropriate sponsor for a Jim Bowden interview though and given that I used to link to a photo of a horse’s ass as a file phone for him, well you’ll see…

Part 1 |
Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

Jim Bowden Breaks His Silence On 9NEWS NOW And WUSA9.comWUSA

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2 comments on “Jim Bowden WUSA interview”

  1. Simon Oliver Lockwood

    Is there a transcript available? I don't want to actually have to watch and listen to that [CENSORED].

  2. WFY

    If he acted the way he did in the interview, he'd probably still be employed and firejimbowden.com may not have existed.

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