Nats sign #1 overall pick Stephen Strasburg

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Nats come to terms with top pick
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NatsTown can exhale now after 70 days of holding its breath. San Diego State pitcher and #1 overall pick of the 2009 Amateur Draft Stephen Strasburg has signed with the Washington Nationals. Terms are believed to be $15+ million over four years. I am shocked he signed for that little, even with “no where else to go” professionally for at least a year. I would have liked to have seen the duration longer, but the important thing is he signed and under club control for the foreseeable future. It would have been nice if they could have bought out some arbitration years, but the Lerners seem averse to paying low upfront. Their money, not mine!

Nats president Stan Kasten said that the trip he and ownership took to Southern California last week convinced them Strasburg wanted to pitch soon, his “ultra-ultra competitiveness” had him tired of sitting around the house. I don’t know if we will see him this year since he’s had such a long layoff. The signing was announced at 11:58:43 which led Kasten to say “People thought it would take until the last minute. We didn’t even need that last minute.” Well played, Stan, well played. GM Mike Rizzo was said to lead the negotiations for Washington.

Uber agent Scott Boras has got to be pretty pleased with himself as well. He did not get the $50 million he had floated out there, but he got his client a $7.5 million bonus and did not sell any arbitration years which could be huge for Strasburg. Kasten also said Boras was good to work with this time around.

Strasburg is expected in D.C. in a few days, perhaps Wednesday night’s game could be good news for Fritz, who has tickets that night.

Teh PLAN lives 1!!!!!1!

Thom Loverro: The Strasburg era arrives, for nowThe Wash. Times
There goves Loverro, being a wet blanket by pointing out things that could happen like elbow surgery, etc. no Thom, Strasburg’s going to awesome and throw several no-hitters every year. Take it to the bank!

Nationals Insider: At last, nothing worth ridiculingThe Wash. Times
Signing Strasburg goes a long way to restoring credibility to the Nats, something desperately needed, even if Strasburg never pitches a major league game.

I expect a column from Thomas Boswell by lunch today, I’ll link to it.

By the way, I linked to first because Brian Oliver got the story up first. Well done, sir.

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