Write-in Tony Plush for Nats bobblehead

The Washington Nationals are holding a contest to pick the 3rd bobblehead giveaway of the 2010 season. Ryan Zimmerman (June 19) and Nyjer Morgan (July 31) are already planned. The choices are catchers Ivan Rodriguez and Jesus Flores, plus manager Jim Riggleman, pitcher John Lannan and Teddy from the Racing Presidents or a write-in. While it would be interesting to see how accurate the reproduction of Lannan’s eyebrows would be, the obvious choice is a write-in candidate, none other than Mr. Tony Plush, Morgan’s “gentleman name.” Make it happen Nats fans.

LHP Scott Olsen has a spot in the rotation if he’s healthy enough. I’m concerned he’ll have one if he isn’t. – All Nats All the Time, nationals.com

RF Elijah Dukes reported to camp , dawg. – Nats Insider

The Nats Dominican Republic situation has improved since the Smiley scandal of a year ago, but the permanent solution is not yet ready. Mike Rizzo is in a Q&A here. – The Post

Craig Stammen might be a part of the bullpen. – The Post

Special advisor to the GM, Davey Johnson says Ian Desmond should be an everyday shortstop. Johnson does not elaborate on where he should be playing SS everyday though. @washingnats

RHP Rafael Martin, 25, has been signed out of the Mexico. Yay international scouting?

Adam Dunn is preparing to play first base in the spring for the first time ever. He’s working on his feetwork. He’s got a point there.

The Thomas Boswell chat transcript. – The Post

Adam Kilgore introduces himself as the Nats beat writer for The Post and sounds good, though his line “Baseball is woven into the hum and churn of a city, the games playing on bar TVs while the first happy hour bleeds into the next, the second-guessing starting on the walk from the bleachers to the Metro, the aftermath still hovering the next morning” is not as accurate as we’d like. Mark Zuckerman praises Kilgore’s predecessor, Chico Harlan and speaks highly of Kilgore. – Nats Insider

Q&A with Derek NorrisNats Insider

Glorified beer tent The Bullpen returns for a second season in Near SE by Nationals Park. – JD Land

Fire Jim Bowden wonders if the Lerners aren’t cheap anymore. Next, he’ll scold Dukes for past transgressions.

MLB Network will televise the March 27 game against the Mets. Sorry, no link.

Kerry Wood doesn’t think Jim Riggleman used him too much (Chicago Tribune) during his rookie season with the Chicago Cubs.

Some guy named Stephen Strasburg pitched in the bullpen for a while yesterday. Kilgore has video.

Lastly, Nats320 is on the ground in Viera.


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