Minnesota newspaper Nats headline fail

Twin Cities paper goes way back in time for Strasburg headlineBig League Stew
The headline writer for the Minneapolis Star-Tribune used “Senators” in a headline about Stephen Strasburg (or as I call him Prometheus). The Senators of course were the name the original Washington MLB franchise was best known as though it was also called the Nationals and Nats; Charlie Brotman made Senators official in the mid-1950s. They moved to Minnesota for the 1961 season. The second D.C. MLB team was called Senators as well.

I mention this happening because somebody in the Star-Tribune newsroom needs to be reminded that if not for the racism of Calvin Griffith, he may not have a home team.

By the way, The Baseball Analysts say the move of the Senators 1.0 to the Twin Cities was a wash, no pun intended, I assume.

Also, people in Harrisburg, home of the Nats AA farm, team wouldn’t mind Strasburg being on their Senators at the start of the season.

Also, a co-worker asked about the “Senators” recently. He, for what it is worth, is from New York State and used to follow the Binghamton Senators AHL team.

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