Sid Vicious: NYC tabs know that Sidney Crosby hates America

New York Daily News New York Post

Yes, diver/whiner Sidney Crosby making the winning shot in overtime for Canada to beat the United States for the gold medal is the worst case scenario. The New York tabloids know this to be true. Look at him up there will the poster boy for birth control expression on his face. Ugh. You couldn’t have made one more save Ryan Miller?

I wonder how many Yinzers were rooting for Canada yesterday.

Zach Parise though, is an American hero.

3 comments on “Sid Vicious: NYC tabs know that Sidney Crosby hates America”

  1. TMBC

    I rooted for the US. However, if Canada had to win, I wanted him to score the goal.

  2. Anonymous

    I am a Pens fan so I know why you do not like Crosby. That is o.k., I despise Ovechkin.

    As a Pens fan, I was happy that it was Crosby instead of someone else on Canada's team. However, I was strongly (strongly) rooting for the U.S. Having grown up in Pittsburgh, I would be shocked if many (any?) people were rooting for Canada. Like me, glad it was Crosby, sorry the U.S. did not win.

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