The end of the "In Viera…even better" meme? Nats looking into Ft. Myers

City of Palms will be in National spotlightThe News-Press, Fort Myers, Fla.
Thanks to @cnichols14/@RoscoeNats I learned why Washington Nationals president Stan Kasten wasn’t at Nationals Park Media Day — they were scoping out the Boston Red Sox spring training City of Palms facility in Fort Myers, Fla. The facility is becoming available because the Red Sox are building a new one elsewhere in that area. The Minnesota Twins and Tampa Bay Rays also train nearby and that is one of the selling points — less travel. Currently, the Nats have to travel at least 50 miles for any spring training game.

I don’t know Florida too well and I’ve only been in Palm Beach and Broward counties, plus Walt Disney World, so I cannot add anything from personal experience about Viera or Fort Myers. Washingtonians have been critical of Viera in the past. Currently, the Nats lease there runs through 2017, but they can buy their way out. They have been there since their days as the Montreal Expos.

Oh and in case you are wondering, a Panera is located 3.9 miles from City of Palms Park. Close enough, Barry Svrluga?

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  1. Hendo

    It's not Viera's fault that it's remote, or mind-numbingly sterile, or that to become a cow town, it would have to ship in the cows.

    That was the kind of thing I heard continually, starting (but by no means ending) with Svrluga, so much so that I thought I had to go see for myself.

    I went, but I'd be none the worse off for not having gone. IMO the critics understated it.

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