Thomas Boswell chat 04.29.2010

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  1. TMBC

    Hopefully the "choking dog" Capitals!

    I will say that the non-goal in the 3rd period was a bad call. But your guys have to quit trying to score so many "pretty" goals and crash the net more. Although you do have to give Montreal some credit for the win.

  2. WFY

    As I said in my morning post the Habs outworked the Caps and I agree about crashing the net. I've actually developed a theory about it that I will unveil later.

    The core is strong and it took 3 lights out performances to beat the Caps. The need some tweaking, but should be right back in it next spring. Some tough medicine to swallow right now.

    Bos mostly talked about the Caps and not say, Capps the Nats closer.
    There was a little "I told you so" about Livan and Pudge to which I say, it's April.

    Oh and congratulations on losing La Coupe Hauxer, but winning the Eastern conference. The Pens are a lock to go to the finals.

  3. TMBC

    We can see through your attempt at a reverse jinx. The Penguins have not clinched anything. Even your coach said he wouldn't bet against the Habs if their goalie plays that well.

    Technically, I have not "officially" lost La Coupe Hauxer. A sweep of the Flyers moves the Penguins into 3rd place. But that's the only chance I have. My chances would have been much better had the Devils bothered to win more than 1 game.

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