A vendetta against Peter Angelos should not be so lonely

Angelos says Nats’ success is good for O’sThe Sun
Failed baseball team owner and noted Baltimoron Peter Angelos has changed his tune about the Washington Nationals.

“What’s good for the Nationals is good for MASN,” Angelos said. “That makes me happy…

The Baltimore Orioles being last in the standings makes me happy.

The one upside of historically poor Nats TV ratings — it hurt Angelos financially. He still had to pay $25 million or so to the Nats annually. Hopefully, he lost money on the deal.

Before the Nats arrived, Angelos openly expressed concern that the Baltimore-Washington region might not be able to support two teams. The MASN arrangement was designed to help ensure the long-term viability of his club.

Openly expressed concern?! He VOTED against the Nationals being here! He a got a corrupt bargain out of Bud Selig, who is even more cowardly than Angelos, to steal the Nats TV rights. We missed almost two whole seasons of Nats baseball because Angelos kept the channel off most major cable systems. Why are the Orioles entitled to long-term viability?

I have seemingly been on an island when it comes to Angelos, the Orioles and MASN. Can’t I make it any clearer that supporting him rewards really bad behavior?

I probably need to rescind my offer to break the boycott of Camden Yards in exchange for firing Dibble.


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