Big Ten wusses out, puts football championship indoors in Indy

Rather than hold its football championship game in a venue that promotes the conference’s appealing aspect of playing outdoors in all weather, the Big Ten will be holding its championship game indoors at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. Just a shameful decision by the Big Ten to cave into the “let’s not let wheather determine the outcome of a game” crowd. Also, Indy only discovered football when Peyton Manning arrived.

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2 comments on “Big Ten wusses out, puts football championship indoors in Indy”

  1. Brad

    I don’t mind this because the dome conditions will help crown a champion better suited to compete in the usual perfect conditions in the Rose Bowl (or BCS Championship Game). I’m tired of all the Big Ten bashing going on around the country. The last thing I want to see is one team outlast another in horrible conditions, only to get trounced in Pasadena a month later.

  2. admin

    What a minute, weren’t you always all about “Football Weather?” I don’t think being proficient in bad conditions makes you less likely to win in ideal conditions. Look at your beloved Giants, they played in nasty weather two of the NFC Championships that proceeded Super Bowl wins. Bring on the snow and mud!

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