Yesterday, UniWatch devoted much of its post to the Washington Nationals uniforms. Scott Rogers, a former Nats blogger described the cap logo the Nats almost had — a big, beveled W. The funny thing about it was that it did not match the beveled W on the original Nats road uniforms. I find that kind of amusing because one of the complaints that have been made about the Nats uniforms over the years was that the curly W was out of place with the beveled-block lettering on the jerseys. Had that hat been used, it would not have matched either. I’ve been in the tank for the curly W since its debut.

Curly W cap and Nationals beveled-block

Frankly, I never cared that much that the curly W was out of place with the beveled block lettering, but when the Nats changed to the script-Washington — a curly W followed by “ashington” in the same font, I was ecstatic. While more generic, the script Washington was a great improvement over the beveled-block. In fact, I had been trying to get a t-shirt (without a name on back) of the road script since it came out. For some reason, they had been pretty hard to find. Two days ago, I finally got one — I won a Notes from Nats Town contest last year (Fun Bunch 2.0 was my entry) and I finally followed through when I saw the script Washington giveaway from last month. Thanks for Nats PR for making that happen.

Nats road script

By the way, in the run up for the team, I was on board with an interlocking DC insignia on the cap. That lasted until I saw the beautiful curly W caps. The DC insignia certainly had cache, but is too clunky to look good on a cap. I like it on the sleeve of the Nats uniforms though. Having a first name that starts with “W” probably doesn’t hurt my like of the curly W.

Another facilitating aspect of the curly W is that it was apparently a last minute change to the uniforms ordered by commissioner Bud Selig. Part of the reason is probably the city council wearing the curly W caps at the September 2004 “Baseball is back!” press conference. Well done, Selig, for once (twice?) your meddling worked out. This, along with the putting a team here are the best two things you have ever done. Of course, doing a half-assed job (*cough* MASN) of the latter tempers my enthusiasm for your body of work.

There are indications that the beveled block is on the way out of the home uniform, to be replaced by “Nationals” in script. The N would be a big looping one like the Natstown logo we see on the team Web site and elsewhere. The sticking point seems to be the use of the beveled-block NATIONALS on the scoreboard. I don’t have strong feelings on this one but I almost lean towards keeping the beveled-block because it is unique and looks good. A script Nationals would look good too, but be less unique.

By the way, Rogers made some good points about throwbacks on Wednesday’s UniWatch as well.

Back to the present, the Nats got shut-out by the Florida Marlins (The Post)who completed a 3-game sweep last night. Liván Hernández gave up 3 runs over 6 1/3 innings to take the loss and even his record at 8-8. The Nats are now 13-34 against the Marlins since 2008 (Nats Insider).

LF Josh Willingham is continuing the Nats tradition of playing hurt (CSN Washington) which explains his performance of late. He probably has a torn meniscus in his left knee. Once again we are left to ponder whether the Nats have adequate trainers and/or have a clubhouse culture that demands playing hurt.

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