Nats beat Cardinals in 13; Harper, Morgan, Strasburg, Dibble

Jordan Zimmermann returns, Washington Nationals beat St. Louis Cardinals on Ian Desmond’s single in 13thThe Post
A day and night of ups and downsNats Insider
Jordan Zimmermann returned to the Washington Nationals last night for the first time since having Tommy John Surgery last year. He gave up 5 St. Louis Cardinals runs over 4 innings; one in the second, three in the fourth. The bullpen came in and kept the Cards off the board until the 8th. Meanwhile, without the benefit of a single home run, the Nats scored 8 runs and entered the 9th inning up 8-6. Drew Storen came in the 8th and recorded two outs on 3 pitches. The ninth did not go well at all though as he gave up two singles, a double, intentionally walked Albert Pujols and then hit Matt Holliday in the hand to force home the tying run. Two more runs crossed the plate.

In the bottom of the inning, Alberto Gonzales, hitting in Adam Dunn’s spot after the slugger was removed as a defensive replacement, lead off the inning with a single, sucking me back into the game. Ian Desmond struck out and was followed by Roger Bernadina hitting 2-1 pitch just over the right field wall to tie it. Four innings later, Desmond knocked in Nyjer Morgan to end it, a rare extra inning win for the Nats.

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Nationals No. 1 overall pick Bryce Harper introduces himself to WashingtonThe Post
Confident Harper Puts On Show In D.C.CSN Washington

I cannot get excited about Bryce Harper’s successful batting practice and press conference like Thomas Boswell. That is great he hit several deep home runs, or “oppo boppos” in Harper-ese, but so could Wily Mo Pena. Harper’s confidence in himself will face quite a test against professional pitching. Hopefully, he is accurate in his assessment of himself and begins a major league career sooner than later. When it comes down to it, Harper is a 17 year old boy. Also, he has #34 for now, but surely he will want #7 when it comes available. Harper is a big Mickey Mantle fan and therein lies a cautionary tale.

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When I heard that Nyjer Morgan threw a ball in the stands (Nationals Journal, The Post), I though, gee that’s something Rob Dibble did and shook my head. However, it has come to light that the throw was not in anger, but a playful toss. Also, it is not as if Morgan has shown an inability to make a big throw from centerfield.

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Speaking of Dibble, despite playing in the major leagues and having access to the team he chooses to simply react to the proceedings with machismo rather than insight. Whether it is due to arrogance or laziness, it adds nothing to broadcast and often contradicts facts that are readily accessible to Nats fans. On top of that, his over the top reaction to fans in the social media sphere, antagonizes his audience. His decision to take two nights off was appreciated. A resignation would be even more appreciated. We know John Angelos, son of Baltimore Orioles/MASN owner, will not fire Dibble — they do not want the Nats to succeed.

Lastly, but not in our minds, is the results of Stephen Strasburg‘s second MRI of the week. The news will come out sometime this morning apparently. His plight, our plight is a familiar one as Joe Posnanski reminds us. Federal Baseball followed up with Posnanski too.


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