Poll: Should the Nats celebrate the Expos?

Tomorrow, former Montréal Expos outfielder Andre Dawson will be honored by the Washington Nationals for entering the Hall of Fame even though he never played a game in D.C. The Nats of course, used to be the Expos, but as I have mentioned before I don’t think the former needs to recognize the latter. Since there is disagreement on the subject, I figured I would try, in an admittedly unscientific way, to determine who thinks this is a good idea.

Nats fans: Which statement best decribes your position on the Washington Nationals acknowledging or celebrating the Montreal Expos?
I am from the Washington D.C. area and I don’t care about the Expos legacy.
I am from the Washington D.C. area and I don’t mind the Nats celebrating the Expos.
I moved to the Washington D.C. area and I don’t care about the Expos legacy.
I moved to the Washington D.C. area and I don’t mind the Nats celebrating the Expos.
I was Expos fan and I like the Nats honoring the legacy.
I was Expos fans and I want their legacy to stay in Montreal.
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Based on what I am seeing on Twitter this evening, the 2 Expos Hall of Famers, Dawson and Gary Carter will be added to a ring of honor that will wrap around the 100-level façade (Nationals Daily News) in the infield that also includes Hall of Famers from the Senators and Homestead Grays, who made Washington a second home in the 1940s. That is probably a good compromise, but I rather we keep it D.C.-centric. That Frank Howard, perhaps the most popular Washington baseball player of the second half of the 20th century is not included, Hall of Fame or not, but two guys who never played a game in D.C. doesn’t sit right with me.

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6 comments on “Poll: Should the Nats celebrate the Expos?”

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  3. krmcguire

    I didn’t vote in the poll as I am neither a Nats or an Expos fan (as you know Will I am a Phillies fan), but I wanted to share y outsider point of view so take it for what it’s worth.

    I I put myself in the shoes of a Nats fan I would be appreciative of the organization’s desire to honor their entire franchise history. That said, it is odd to see the Nationals recognize a player that D.C. area fans have little to no interest in. Maybe if the Nats wore Expos throwback uniforms or something to go along with the tribute it would make sense, but I know that is a totally different sticking point with some Nats fans.

    The Phillies used to honor former Philadelphia A’s players in the Philadelphia Wall of Fame while at Veterans Stadium but they have since moved on. I know it’s a different situation but it is as close as I can get from my own perspective.

  4. admin

    I don’t want to see Expos throwbacks on a Washington team.

    My great uncle (the one who used to exchange letters with Harry Kalas) was an A’s fan growing up, so the Phillies including the A’s history works from my perspective because it all happened in Philadelphia.

  5. tbridge

    There’s gotta be a home for these guys somewhere, though. When a franchise moves, and yes, when it changes its name, it has to take some of the old with it. Now, the Nats expunged the records of the Expos, which feels wrong to me, but I see no harm in paying homage to those players who would otherwise be forever without a baseball home.

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