Boswell, others: Time to open up the wallet, Nats

The Washington Nationals, having improved by 9-12 games this season have an important offseason ahead of them. Some might say, the future is now, but they’d probably be making an ironic statement given the Redskins use of that term and stockpiling aged veterans. The Nats though, may have a core of young players that are starting to realize their potential, but they don’t have enough of them, so they need to go out and find some free agents. Thomas Boswell of The Post says “It’s time for the Washington Nationals to start thinking big

I say it’s time for the Washington Nationals to starting ACTING BIG.

Mike Rizzo makes a No. 1 starter the Nationals’ offseason priorityThe Post
Mike Rizzo wants a #1 starter — who doesn’t? In all likelihood, somebody with the pedigree of Jason Marquis (and we saw how well that worked out) will be brought in instead.

They need to sign Adam Dunn and the feeling is that the team has less interest in doing so than he does. Thom Loverro, now with the Wash. Examiner, also notes that Dunn has won golf clubs for 470+ foot blasts and donated them to D.C. youth golf programs.

Danny Espinosa and Ian Desmond – the right combination?The Post
Boswell thinks the middle infield seems set and I am inclined to agree, though they may need to shuffle positions.

Boswell chats at 11 a.m
., I expect him to be really wound up today.

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