Washington Redskins hold on to beat Dallas Cowboys, 13-7, on final playThe Post
Clearly, it was the “gold” pants that won that game for the Washington Redskins. Had they been wearing the more appropriate white pants, DeAngelo Hall would not have scooped up that Dallas Cowboys fumble with the clock reading 0:00 in the first half. Clearly without the “ketchup n’ mustard” uniforms, that holding call against Dallas does not get called on the final play of the game. So, you have been vindicated Bruce Allen — so far.

Seriously, though the Redskins had 4 different stripe patterns on their uniform yesterday. I’m not too uptight about that sort of thing, but that is too much. I guess I have to credit them for the retro socks as well. The black shoes continue to look good. I got used to the pants quicker than I thought I would.

So, I’m 0-1 in prognostication and the Redskins are 1-0. In other words, SUPER BOWL-BOUND, CRANK UP THE BANDWAGON 1!!!!!1!

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