So, does Ian Howfield wear gold pants now?

Okay, that isn’t completely fair to Gordon Gano, the Washington Redskins kicker who missed a 52 yard kick wide right, in overtime. Gano had just kicked a ball through the uprights at the distance, but the Houston Texans had called a timeout right before the play went off — Bush league stuff that unfortunately worked. It may have been the ultimately in “bros icing bros” (The Starter Wife, HT @DCSportsChick) too. The only thing I wondered about is why the Redskins did not do the same when the Texans lined up for what would be the winning kick.

Some other observations from the world’s most apathetic Redskins fan:

I flipped back and forth between the Washington Nationals and the Redskins before Drew Storen blew a 3-run lead in the 9th.

The burgundy & gold looked great in the first half and Clinton Portis had as a good a downfield block as you will ever see.

I was at my parents house and I only watched the first half and last minute of regulation. At the half I grilled dinner, steak over charcoal, and then ate it. Like I said, apathetic.

I listened to overtime on the from Vienna back to Alexandria. Larry Michaels has improved as a play-by-play man, but I am still not ready to spell his last name correctly. Sonny Jurgensen and Sam Huff have a lot more enthusiasm than when I listened to them last year.

However, having played in the first sudden-death overtime ever and broadcasting Redskins games for over 30 years, Sam should know SOMETHING about overtime.

I still maintain that sudden death overtime is the superior overtime.

Oh and if you are looking for a scapegoat, I nominate Jason Woodmansee (The Post, sort of) for his hubris. The half-time Facebook status message did not help either.

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