Who is this pragmatic columnist and what has he done with Tom Boswell?

THOMAS BOSWELL: As spring arrives, reality dawns for NationalsThe Post
The headline for this column ought to be “Reality dawns for Tom Boswell.” Remember his earlier columns from the spring when he was superhappyfoamfingeredfanboy? Well, that is gone, because Boswell is seeing the Washington Nationals for what they are — a team with a poor starting rotation. Only Jordan Zimmermann has a huge upside and he’s still unproven, plus not that far removed from Tommy John surgery. John Lannan, Livan Hernandez, Jason Marquis and Tom Gorzelanny all career ERAs in the 4.00+ range. Help may be on the way from Ross Detwiler and eventually Stephen Strasburg, but until then, it isn’t pretty, but probably passable for a while.

The Nats don’t have a centerfielder either and are apparently going with journeyman Rick Ankiel over Nyjer Morgan who is likely on his way out and Roger Bernadina, who is a 26 years old and still not an everyday player.

Boswell is chatting at 11 a.m.

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