¡¿Navil?! and the Nats are in last after losses to Pirates and Mets

This does not sound good:

Nats’ Hernandez looked at for possible money launderingThe Wash. Times
Nationals’ Livan Hernandez under investigation in money laundering caseThe Post
Nats’ Hernandez named in federal investigationCSN Washington

Perhaps ¡LIVAN! (or is he ¡Navil! now?) is a Henri Devereaux in this affair, but either way, this is not news on wants to hear about one of the most-beloved figures in Washington Nationals history. Hernandez has not been charged at this time and may not be, we don’t know. What we do know that the prospect of him joining the rest of his 2005 Nats teammates in 2015 for an anniversary celebration (before going out and giving up 2 runs over 7 innings and 168 pitches in a 6-2 Nats win powered by homers from Bryce Harper, Ryan Zimmerman and Jayson Werth) is now in doubt.

So, I haven’t been blogging much about the Nats lately. The dreadful weekend series in Pittsburgh – rain, delays, postponments, odd rescheduling (moving a Friday night game to Monday night while the Penguins were playing in the playoffs?), 8 errors and a series loss to the Pirates did not prompt the radio silence, I was just busy. The last two losses to the Mets, including last night’s blown save by Sean “putting the burn in”Burnett make me re-think it though. Nothing like snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, up 3-2 in the ninth, the Nats lost to the surging New York Mets 6-3. The loss, third straight, 4 of 5, puts the Nats at 10-13 and into last place. The smoke and mirrors that had got them to 10-9 have stopped working, the Nats are who we thought they were.

Lastly, I’m reserving judgment on the new “submarine horn” instead of fireworks for home runs at Nationals Park (DC Sports Bog, The Post). Let’s face it, the fireworks they shot off were basically glorified bottle rockets — the only thing I’ll miss about them is Charlie Slowes “Bang, zoom go the fireworks!” call at the end of Nats home wins. I understand everyone’s frustration at Andy Feffer the chief operating officer, and his MBA speak. Fans may not have liked former president Stan Kasten, but there was at least the fact that when it came to BS-ing, we were watching a master at work.


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