Four years ago today, the Washington Capitals reverted to their roots and unveiled new red, white and blue uniforms. It actually seems longer, because as soon as those new sweaters hit the ice, it seemed like they had always been around. The black, turquoise and bronze uniforms were thankfully sent to the dustbin of history. Recently, the Caps sibling, the Washington Wizards did the same thing and redesigned their uniform. Prior to that redesign, I came up with a design that became one of my most popular posts.

Overall, the red, white and blue Caps uniforms grew on me once I saw them in action, but I maintain there are still a few shortcomings:

  • My co-worker Fred, a Buffaslugs fan no less, noted that the script has no capital letters. Yes, the team is the Capitals, but the letters are lower-case. They could have capitalized the ā€œCā€ and still gotten the basic point across.
  • Where are the stars? Capitals uniforms always had lots of stars, one way or another. The sleeves should be covered in stars.

    I thought would try and address these items:

    In my redesign, I added stars back to the sweaters. I think the solid blue pants are good enough or maybe I didn’t want to Photoshop any more stars on stuff. The original white sweater (which is my primary Caps sweater) had a lot more red on it than the current version so I made the sleeves on the road white sweater red. Lastly, I capitalized the “C” in Capitals because…they are the Capitals, no the lower-casers.

    I am sure you will all agree that switching to these uniforms would be the final step needed to hoist the Stanley Cup, nevermind all of that nonsense about better coaching in the playoffs, healthy players and an enigmatic Russian 2nd line winger.

    By the way, the image above was modified from The Hockey Uniform Database which includes every NHL uniform ever and it well worth a visit.

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