Nats visit the bankrupt L.A. Dodgers, which is bizarre to type

Washington Nationals baseball returns tonight, but possibly after your bedtime. First pitch from Los Angeles is 10:05 p.m. EDT. You have special dispensation to listen to the Dodgers feed for the first three innings when Vin Scully is calling the game. I know I will at some point this weekend and then, hopefully, back to Charlie Slowes and Dave Jageler with the television on.

The Dodgers are 43-55, but that is secondary this season as the team ownership goes through a bitter divorce that has left the team, literally bankrupt. How bad is it? A college football blog, EDSBS, linked to this blog post by Mike Scioscia‚Äôs tragic illness’s The Collected Sins of the Frank & Jamie McCourt Era. Human filth indeed.

So, in using the Dodgers as complicated ATM, the McCourts helped lead to stories like this: How a city reached its limit with the DodgersLA Times

The McCourts owe Scully over $150,000 of backpay!

Granted, I’m here on the east coast and have never been to L.A. but it is still hard to conceive the Dodgers losing L.A. Then again, over 50 years ago, people were wondering how they ever left Brooklyn. Since leaving that borough for the Pacific coast, the Dodgers led the National League in attendance roughly half the time, but ownership, starting with FOX and now the McCourts have stepped on the neck of that golden goose. Just unbelievable, I think right now Dodgers fans have it worse than just about any other, because this is going to take years to dig out of.

Oh and good for Bud Selig for standing up to Frank McCourt (LA Times), but where was that fortitude when dealing with Peter Angelos? Or when vetting McCourt in the first place?

Lastly, I guess Brooklyn and Roger Kahn are finally over 1957 because I haven’t seen anything come from that way. I figured at least the Daily News would have a lot of fun with it.

Okay, enough about the Dodgers…

The Nats are on their third road trip to California 50 days and will play in every ballpark in that state except Oakland. Their record out west this year: 4-6. The beat the San Diego Padres 3 out of 4, the San Francisco Giants 1 out of 3 and were swept by the Anaheim Angels.

Thomas Boswell says that Michael Morse may be the best bargain in baseball right now and coincidentally modeled his career after Jayson Werth, who certainly is no bargain right now.

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