Ex-Cap Matt Bradley calls out Capitals, Semin

Matt Bradley, a scrappy folk hero for the Washington Capitals for many seasons, is now a member of the Florida Panthers. Bradley spoke on an Ottawa radio station the other day about the Caps and Alexander Semin in particular. The team he left had a star system, a lack of discipline about practicing, among other things. Also, Bradley did not believe that Semin cared enough all the time, which of course Semin’s agent denied.

Bradley’s accusations certainly fit the narrative that has been developed over the last year or so. I am of the opinion that the Caps can’t win it all with Semin, despite all of his talent. I also think getting rid of Semin benefits Alex Ovechkin in a tough-love sort of way. Losing his best friend on the team could remind him what he is there for, especially as captain.

By the way, Russian Machine Never Breaks has The Sasha Cares Bar Graph which is sad and outstanding at the same time.

Oh and regarding Bradley, @BeccaH_JR (nee @DCCheapSeats) had an excellent tweet about him that you need to read.

Some preliminary TV scheduling has already been released – Capitals Insider, The Post

By the way, The Hockey News says the Caps will win the Stanley Cup this year, which prompted official Caps blogger/reporter Mike Vogel to suggest that the slogan for 2011-2012 Turning Paper Into Reality. I like it.

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