STONE HARBOR, N.J. — On Seven Mile Island, Fred’s Tavern t-shirts are ubiquitous. After seeing so many of the t-shirts being worn around, we figured we’d check out the bar there. Could it live up to the hype of scores of vacationers wearing the t-shirt?

After dining at the new Carney’s in Stone Harbor, we checked Fred’s out. Apparently the inside has recently been redone and it looks its age. The walls are largely bare walls. The bar is light granite. On side has a large hearth that would certainly be inviting in something other than the summer months. TVs are visible in almost every direction. Overall though, the atmosphere is not distinctive. It wasn’t that crowded on a Wednesday night though, so it was easy to talk to somebody there.

As for the drinks, taps are varied, with the standard light beer, some craft beers and imports like Foster’s and Bass. I had the latter. My wife had a mudslide. Total came to $9.50 which isn’t bad for a beach town. We enjoyed our drinks and the service we received, but weren’t impressed enough to buy the t-shirt. I did however, by a can cozy for my co-worker, Fred. He appreciated it.

Fred’s also has a liquor store attached to it, the only one in Stone Harbor. The selection is decent, though they did disappoint one person I was with by running out of Foster’s bottles. There is also a Fred’s Avalon Liquor store which probably affiliated too.

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