Nats sign 2011 draft picks, Rendon, Meyer, Goodwin, Purke others

Nationals spend $16.5 million to sign draft picks, including Anthony Rendon, Matt Purke The Post
Nats sign all top draft picks CSN Washington
Nats beat the clock, sign top five draft picksThe Wash. Times
The Washington Nationals signed their top 13 draft picks by this morning’s draft deadline. The first four:

#6 Anthony Rendon, Rice, 3B
#23 Alex Meyer, Kentucky, RHP
#34 Brian Goodwin, Miami Dade College, OF
#96 Mathew Purke, TCU, LHP

Rendon and Purke were both added to the 40 man roster, just like Bryce Harper was last year. So, um, that’s good, right? I don’t follow the draft closely enough to know whether signing two players to major league deals is wise, but it seems unusual and a bit constraining. The Nats also spent over the recommended slots for many players which is wise, because spending on draft picks costs pennies on the dollar compared to spending on free agents (see Werth, Jayson).

By the way, both Rendon and Purke have had injury issues. For Rendon, it was a shoulder, for Purke his elbow. Warning flags to be sure, but concerns about them let them fall to the Nats. The draft is being seen as a successful one for the Nats, perhaps their most sucessful yet.

GM Mike Rizzo is excited and thinks the Nats are the talk of the league. I don’t know about that. As his tenure goes on, I become more convinced that Rizzo is a scouting director at heart and a bit out of his league at the major league level (see Riggleman, Jim) but that can improve.

Scott Boras made a bit of money yesterday, three of the top four are his clients.

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