Jayson Werth has been critical of the Washington Nationals Presidents Race on several occasions and has begun taking matters into his own hand to try a and Let Teddy Win.

Werth’s saying the right things (according to The Wash. Times):

Here’s what the right fielder had to say after the game — including perhaps the first reference to the Bull Moose Party ever to come out of a major league clubhouse:

“I can’t really comment,” he said. “When you stage a coup, it’s better to keep it quiet.

“Let’s just say it’s Teddy Roosevelt’s last stand of the Rough Riders.”

Asked if he knew that he was actually the winner, Werth smiled.

“Well, if Teddy can’t win, then no one wins in my book,” he said. “I’m the last remaining member of the Bull Moose Party, I guess. I don’t really know what else to say.”

I certainly see his point, the gag is stale by 4 years, but…

Guys hitting .230 should not get to decide the in-game entertainment. Worry about your hitting Werth, not the sideshow.

Author: WFY

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