Penn State: Rock n Roll Part II sort of dropped by the Blue Band

Blue Band Scraps Glitter’s “Rock and Roll”Onward State
The Penn State Blue Band sort of dropped Rock n’ Roll Part II from its pregame. I wanted them to do this years ago because Gary Glitter was convicted in 2005 of the things Jerry Sandusky is accused of right now. The article linked above says it was “completely purged” but to my ear, that is inaccurate. There still a Glitter influence in there, but Queen’s “We Will Rock You” as well. I think they need to go all the way in getting rid of it. Here is how it sounds (roughly 7:25 in the video, in case it isn’t automaticaly cued up there):

Just wipe the slate clean this offseason and come up with something new and original. We’ve had enough half-hearted decisions of late.

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