New state route numbers for Fairfax County, Franconia-Springfield, Prince William parkways

3 commuter routes to be renamedWTOP
Three Northern Virginia county parkways that were built as secondary highways will be “promoted” to primary state highways.

The Commonwealth Transportation Board approved the transfer to VDOT Thursday.

The move converts the three thoroughfares into primary roads, meaning they may be eligible for new funding and maintenance priorities. The routes will be able to receive federal funding for paving, guardrail and bridge improvements, along with other projects.

I don’t know whether this is a good thing from a funding perspective or not, since highway funding, especially in Northern Virginia, is troubled.

Virginia Route 286, the new number of the Fairfax County ParkwayThe Fairfax County Parkway which has been Secondary Route 7100 will become primary state Route 286. This number was used in the 1930s near Williamsburg. I believe it was also posted on state highway maps for what became the US 29 bypass of Danville.

Virginia Route 289, the new number of the Franconia-Springfield ParkwayThe Franconia-Springfield Parkway which has been secondary route 7900 will become primary state Route 289. This number was used near Whytheville in the 1930s.

Virginia route 294, the new number for the Prince William ParkwayThe Prince William Parkway which has been secondary route 3000 will become primary state Route 294. This number was used near Troutdale in the 1930s.

Signs for “Old Route 7100” “Old Route 7900” and “Old Route 3000” will be posted for about a year after the change.

The Loudoun County Parkway which has four different route numbers and could really use just one is unaffected. Perhaps when it is completed, it will get a single, primary state route number.

Historical information: Virginia Highway Index

Signs: Shields Up!


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