Traffic light removal on Garden State Parkway delayed

Garden State Parkway "EXIT 10"
Garden State Parkway traffic light removal project in Cape May delayed until next yearAP/
When was a kid, I remember being very surprised that there were traffic lights on the Garden State Parkway, a toll super-highway, in Cape May County. They are still there, but their time is finally coming to a close. Those signals will be up a little longer though as construction of new overpasses and interchanges at “exits” 9,10, 11 has been delayed until this fall. Completion is expected in 2015, almost 60 years after the road was opened. I don’t know how much interchanges will relieve traffic bound for Stone Harbor and other beaches, but I would expect increased safety.

To me, this is another cautionary tale for those who think tolling more roads, particularly ones that were previously “free” (primarily paid for by the federal gas tax that elected officials won’t revise) is a perfect solution to funding challenges for roads.

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