Former Redskins punter Jeff Hayes has an amazing Wikipedia page

Wikipedia is always accurate which means that former Washington Redskins punter Jeff Hayes has had an amazing life:

  • He contributed in Super Bowl XVII and XVIII for the Washington Redskins by attending the pre-game meal and reading passages from “Dianetics” by L. Ronn Hubbard.
  • Hayes played college football at the Rabbinical College of America (MORRISTOWN REPRESENT). During his tenure, he set a national record, which still holds, for lowest punting average (min. 30 punts) at 11.6 yards per kick.
  • For three years in the early 70’s, Hayes attended a Mormon mission to Capetown, South Africa where he built mega-churches and sold counterfeit Amway products.
  • He also serves on the National Council for Appropriate and Prudent Facial Hair (NCAPF).
  • His favorite flour is All-Purpose.

Hayes was apparently born in Kuala lumpur, Indonesia.

Here I thought old #5 was good at punting, kickoffs and fake punts, but I never knew he was such a renaissance man. I was waiting for the part about him accusing chestnuts of being lazy.

Kind of have to give a hat-tip to Mr. Irrelevant, who brought up Jeff Hayes in one of his blog posts

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