MLB on Facebook: Nationals least liked team

All Major League Baseball teams use the same, league controlled platform for their Web sites. One of the features of the MLB template is a module at the bottom for social media. The Facebook tab has the number of people who “Like” that team. Seeing the great disparity between my two favorite teams, the Washington Nationals and the New York Yankees, I wondered how the Nats fared overall. So, I wound up putting together a list in a spreadsheet. The Nats, the newest team in the majors, came in last with 130,000 Likes or so. The Yankees came in first with over 5,000,000 Likes. This data was collected on March 20, 2012.

Team Division League Facebook Likes
1 New York Yankees AL East American 5,262,008
2 Boston Red Sox AL East American 3,445,846
3 Chicago Cubs NL Central National 1,557,319
4 San Francisco Giants NL West National 1,338,843
5 St. Louis Cardinals NL Central National 1,208,092
6 Texas Rangers AL West American 1,193,504
7 Philadelphia Phillies NL East National 1,161,642
8 Atlanta Braves NL East National 1,071,660
9 Detroit Tigers AL Central American 939,610
10 Los Angeles Dodgers NL West National 925,734
11 Chicago White Sox AL Central American 841,469
12 Minnesota Twins AL Central American 735,050
13 Milwaukee Brewers NL Central National 557,286
14 New York Mets NL East National 535,563
15 Cincinnati Reds NL Central National 512,754
16 Cleveland Indians AL Central American 497,542
17 Seattle Mariners AL West American 468,572
18 Colorado Rockies NL West National 439,768
19 L.A. Angels of Anaheim AL West American 432,325
20 Tampa Bay Rays AL East American 400,474
21 Houston Astros NL Central National 398,652
22 Toronto Blue Jays AL East American 392,497
23 San Diego Padres NL West National 361,242
24 Baltimore Orioles AL East American 340,371
25 Pittsburgh Pirates NL Central National 308,050
26 Oakland Athletics AL West American 300,991
27 Kansas City Royals AL Central American 276,709
28 Miami Marlins NL East National 234,880
29 Arizona Diamondbacks NL West National 230,854
30 Washington Nationals NL East National 134,861

Full disclosure: I Liked the Washington Nationals and New York Yankees

More about this project: Ranking Facebook Likes for MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA and MLS

Oh and there is William World News on Facebook too.

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