Nats lose Pirates series; so many strikeouts, Strasburg is incredible & growth of the fanbase

Last night after watching the Washington Nationals fall to the Pittsburgh Pirates for the second consecutive night, I tweeted “You know that *skepticism* we have of Rick Eckstein and the team doctors/trainers? I have that for the #Nats optometrist too.”

It is oversimplifying matters to suggest that the need for more thorough eye exams could be the root of all of those Nats strikeouts, but I’d like Danny Espinosa to get a good eye exam. I like to think that is the issue and not that he’s just not a good hitter, a la Rick Ankiel, who should be nothing more than a fourth outfielder. Espinosa’s strikeouts are just brutal (The Wash. Times)

You could say that K Street is a two-way street.

The Nats 4-2 loss meants this is the second series of the season that they didn’t win. They have to win the next 3 games against Pittsburgh or I lose an annual bet.


Rehashing a strange 3rd inningCSN Washington
IT was strange and the third run was preventable, but Ian Desmond hesitated on the throw home. Then he almost hit a home run, missing by a few inches.

Stephen Strasburg, healthy and ‘one of the guys,’ might be baseball’s best pitcherThe Post
No other D.C. player combines athletic excellence and intelligence as well as Strasburg. It isn’t even close. He is on the mound tonight to try and salvage the series.

Where do the Nationals fit among D.C.’s pro sports teams? & SNYDER: Nationals’ bandwagon is starting to fill up – The Wash. Times
The Nats rank #3, fairly far behind the Capitals who always make the playoffs and of course, the Redskins who are #1 by about a light-year, performance notwithstanding. A successful Nats team could overtake the Caps in a few years. The Wizards and DC United round up the rest. If the bandwagon is a little slow in starting up isn’t a terrible thing.

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