Arlington Blvd or as Google Maps calls it “US Route 50 in Illinois”

UPDATE 08.05.2011: It appears this has been corrected. Sorry I didn’t get the screencaps…

Google Maps is imperfect. For example, for last year all of US 30 had an extra label – Quebec Route 366 (Map of the Week). Closer to home, I noticed another transcontinental route had a labeling problem while looking for local directions:

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Calling US 50 “US Route 50 in Illinois” isn’t as egregious as the earlier example. For one thing, Google Maps got the country, type of route and number correct. The mislabeling isn’t limited to Arlington either. Just over the Potomac River, it still has the same mislabeling in Washington, D.C.:

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What about near the eastern terminus in Ocean City, Maryland?

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Might as well see about Sacramento, the current west end (should still be San Francisco)?

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And of course, some random location in Illinois:

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I wonder when they’ll fix it.

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