Nats take Blue Jays series, go for sweep at 12:37 today

The Washington Nationals won another series last night and look to sweep the Toronto Blue Jays with Stephen Strasburg on the mound. I’ll be listening at work to the finale.

Bryce Harper crushed a home run at that was good enough to get the automatic MLB video embed:

As I have said before, MLB’s refusal to allow embedding of all videos is strange, but the Nats have had the kind of highlights MLB lets us embed from the start. So, that’s good, I guess.

Danny Espinosa also homered. Chein Ming Wang got the win with 5 innings of work, though the Tony Armas Jr. comparisons keep coming. Ouch. Jhonatan Solano hit his first MLB home run (The Wash. Times) too.

It is so weird watching this series — artificial turf and indoors. Ugh.


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He’s scary good.

Here’s the video:

Well played young man, well played.

If one of my teams moved away, I don’t see myself having any allegiance to the departed. That some Montreal fans still do is interesting. I still maintain that the Nats don’t need to acknowledge the Expos .

I’m not burying the Phillies yet. There is a lot of baseball yet to be played and if they can keep their head above water, they just need one timely streak and they make the playoffs.

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